CrossPIT MMA Fitness

CrossPIT is the fitness program created by John Hackleman's "Pit" schools and evolved by The Pit 702. It incorporates kickboxing, calisthenics, kettlebells, and other unique movements, in a boot camp style group class. CrossPIT is designed to get you in great shape, without getting punched in the face or choked out. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your cardio to roll longer, or just stay healthy with an ever changing workout, CrossPIT has something for everyone.

10th Planet beginner

In 10th Planet Beginner, students will learn the basic skills required to start their 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu journey. This class consists of a warm up portion to understand body mechanics followed by a detailed technique of the day. There is no rolling in this class making it perfect for those with little to no jiu jitsu experience. 10th Planet Beginner is also great for those with experience that want to brush up on their technique, use it as an active rest day, or warm up before the more advanced classes. 

10th Planet all levels

In 10th Planet All Levels, students will take a step up from Beginner and perform moderate to advanced techniques and learn other fundamental skills. In addition, the contact portion of class may consist of controlled live rolling and/or situational drills. 10th Planet All Levels is designed for advanced or new students alike where the contact and drilling is tailored for everyone's competency level. 

10th Planet Advanced

Up your game with our more advanced jiu jitsu class. In Advanced, you'll perform higher level techniques in addition to more live rolling. This gives you the opportunity to apply your techniques in more realistic situations, though always in a safe setting. 

Gi jiu jitsu

Even though we are a no gi school, once a week we go back to more traditional roots with gi jiu jitsu. This is for all levels and will be structured like our regular 10th Planet classes (warm up, technique, situational/live rolling) except outfitted in a gi.

Specialty classes

Basics BJJ - This is a FREE class for those that have never trained before! Learn the most basic techniques such a shrimping, butt scoots, and mount escapes which will prepare your for the Beginner’s class!

Inquire about our Yoga and Kids MMA special events. With enough interest we will turn these into regular weekly classes!

Special Events

Our location and amenities make 10th Planet Downtown perfect for your special event! Whether it be a birthday party for kids or adults, bachelor party, bachelorette party, fundraiser, tournament, or charitable event, we can host it all! Get in a unique training experience, shower, and head out to the vibrant Fremont East District! Contact us for more specific information and details.