Hello neighbor! Thank you for your interest in what we have to offer at 10th Planet Downtown!

We are only couple blocks away…in the same building as Donut Bar, Carson Kitchen, Bocho Sushi!

We have a number of classes and times to suit your needs:


Lose weight, punch, kick, swing kettlebells, and perform other body weight movements to get in great shape…without getting punched in the face! Think kickboxing bootcamp + crossfit…minus the heavy lifting and competitive atmosphere. See CrossPIT in action.

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

Learn self defense and get a great workout as you and a partner learn the art of jiu jitsu. See some Jiu Jitsu in action. Classes are broken down into 3 skill levels:

  1. Basics - No experience

  2. Beginner - None to less than 6 months

  3. All levels / Advanced - 6+ months to years of experience


Your membership includes Unlimited Classes at not just 10th Planet Downtown but our friends in Henderson at The Pit 702 as well! Both schedules can be found below:

10pdtlv schedule.jpg

Let us know when you plan to try your first class at either location so we can greet you and activate your membership!

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RSVP required on your first class only. Then you'll be set to pick and choose as you feel free after your membership is activated!
Gain muscle, lose weight, currently attend LVAC, etc?

If you need further information you can always reach out directly to Eric Umali who can answer any questions you may have!

Eric Umali

Pit 702 Owner / Head Instructor

10th Planet Downtown Co-Founder / Instructor


(805) 478-2129 (call or text)